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National Summer Transportation Institute

2015 Summer Program at CSU-Pueblo

Monday, June 15– Friday, June 26

Colorado State University-Pueblo is pleased to announce a two-week non-residential National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) program from June 15 to June 26 for middle school students. Students interested in the program are encouraged to apply immediately. The NSTI program is open to all students in 6th through 8th grades currently attending public and private schools in Colorado.

Program Objective:  

The objective of the NSTI program is to provide awareness and stimulate interest in secondary school students to take advantage of opportunities that exist in the transportation industry.

No Fees:  

Each selected student will receive a full scholarship that covers tuition, daily transportation to and from school (in Pueblo County), stationery, laboratory usage and supplies, field trips, and meals.

Students and Schedule:

A maximum of 24 students will be selected from the NSTI applicants to participate in the 2015 summer program. The program will run daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. There may be an overnight field trip during the program.

The Program: 

Student participants will be introduced to a variety of transportation systems, learn about career opportunities in transportation and the relevant educational and skill requirements, and have the opportunity to meet people who work in various areas of the transportation system in the state of Colorado. In addition, students will participate in various activities including:

(a) Seminars and demonstrations,
(b) Laboratory Projects or hands-on activities,
(c) Field trips, and
(d) Classroom instruction to enhance academic and technology skills.

Application Procedure: 

Students interested in the NSTI program should complete and submit a 2015 NSTI application form provided by Colorado State University-Pueblo. All applications should be received at the NSTI office as soon as possible and no later than May 28, 2015.  The mailing address is provided on the application form.


To contact the NSTI office at Colorado State University-Pueblo, send e-mail to or call Ms. Loretta Cisneros at (719) 549-2890.