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Student Outside the LibraryIndustrial and systems engineering deals with the design and analysis of complex, human-machine systems. System engineers, with the "big picture" or systems viewpoint, serve as management and operations analysts, focusing on the people, materials, equipment and procedures needed for the most efficient and effective systems performance. Systems engineers analyze and evaluate systems against specified performance criteria, such as quality, before new systems are created or old ones are modified. Systems engineering techniques can be applied in manufacturing and service industries, health care systems, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.

The master of science in industrial and systems engineering degree program at Colorado State University-Pueblo is open to students with quantitatively based baccalaureate degrees from accredited colleges or universities, and provides students with practical knowledge in areas such as facilities planning, operations planning and control, economic analysis, design of experiments, and project management. Methodologies employed by systems engineers include probability and statistics, mathematical programming, computer simulation, and human performance studies.

The master of science in systems engineering degree consists of 16 semester hours of required courses and 17 semester hours of elective courses including thesis credit, for a total of 33 semester hours minimum. No more than 12 credits of 400-level courses may be counted for graduate credit. Courses from the approved set of electives may be substituted, if approved, for required courses for which a student can demonstrate mastery as a result of previous course work.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes. Each MSISE graduate will be able to:

  • Apply fundamental industrial engineering knowledge in the areas of facility planning and design and operations planning and control.
  • Use fundamental industrial engineering tools including optimization and simulation.
  • Apply a broad range of other industrial engineering and general engineering knowledge.
  • Apply a set of specialized knowledge and tools in some area within or related to industrial engineering.

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